Logo SAO

saoArchitects Alexandre Skaff and Simone Carneiro formalized their partnership of nearly 10 years in 2005, with the creation of SAO architecture.
The name SAO arose from the desire of the architects to honor São Paulo and to assume the influence of the city in their formation and work.

Experiencing São Paulo’s metropolitan scale, its targeted growth processes and urban chaos is an exercise for the architect as a citizen, critic and creator.

Regardless of the scale, the SAO Architecture office believes in the experiencing of the space. The architect needs to know how to translate the sensations that constructive elements have and their relationship with their surroundings.

Functioning as a collaborative space, the office seeks to produce formally simple contextualized and current architectural solutions.


Simone Carneiro
Alexandre Skaff
Aline Campos
Giovanna Mangiocca
Larissa Fogaça
Natália Penna
Paula Brisolla
Angela Almeida
Sueli Santos
Wesley Pereira